Contextual intelligence amplifies and enhances retail marketing and technology solutions.

It's a Cloud Service.

The DS-IQ Platform is architected so that it can be delivered entirely as a service, using the Microsoft Azure cloud. Or it can be a hybrid, with some data on-premise, and some in the cloud. Because of our focus on operational excellence and development rigor, our platform delivers extraordinary uptime and scalability.

It's a platform.

Shopper experiences and campaigns are "composed" from these business components and services through a user-friendly UI in the Connected Store application. This means that experiences and campaigns can be designed, created and implemented in days not weeks. These same robust platform services dynamically tune how the application manages each campaign throughout its life-cycle.

The DS-IQ Platform is optimized for retail/food/drug/hospitality by providing:

  • Services: Activation, analytics and context.
  • Business Components: Experience, audience, location, shopper, product, content, channel, client, offer, redemption, sponsor and budget.
  • Contextual, curated, actionable data
  • Performance measurement

It's a data pipeline and store house.

The DS-IQ Platform does the hard work of sourcing, curating and ingesting data. It may come from a 3rd party, like weather. Or it may be 1st party data, from your own systems, like POS or inventory. And the DS-IQ Platform can calculate a custom data element like "Cold Snap Coming" which might need to be recalculated, daily, for each of a retailer's hundreds or thousands of locations.

lt's a measurement engine.

The DS-IQ Platform puts exceptional emphasis on reporting, analytics, insights and compliance monitoring.

Delivered in near real-time, these capabilities allow insightful mid-course corrections, and the ability to apply learnings across campaigns, channels and merchandising categories.


DS-IQ is developing a brand new offering - Context Catalyst® - to supply context as a service. Every industry can produce better business results with hyperlocal relevancy and precise timing.

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