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Context changes everything.

In everyday life, people take context into account in almost every decision they make. But it's subtle, it's local, it's time-sensitive.

Most of the time, this process is effortless and automatic, but for IT systems it is difficult. They don't have access to contextual information and aren't designed to act in dynamic ways.

Weather? Events?

Inventory? Economics?

DS-IQ has spent years understanding context, and how to make it actionable, by mastering the variation and scale of complex data sources.

  • Ingesting core context data - 1st party, 3rd party, custom
  • Harmonizing and fusing dissimilar information
  • Notifying when and where context is actionable
  • Architected for both streaming and slow-moving data
  • Operating reliable, secure, context-aware systems at scale

Target moments. Trigger actions.

DS-IQ provides curating, monitoring, targeting, and triggering technologies to enable rich contextual marketing. We track the local, dynamic, and external factors that most impact your business. These powerful activation moments drive more compelling experiences and higher conversion rates.


Impact shopping pattern and purchase decisions using forecast and current weather notifications.

Health Trends

Reach consumers at the first indication of hyper-local flu and allergy response.

Inventory Levels

Avoid out-of-stock shock. Precisely tune messages with real time store level inventory data, price changes, and sales patterns.

School Breaks

Match shopping cadence with local back-to-school start dates and breaks.

Local Events

Spark interest and align to local college and professional sports.

Store Traits

Pinpoint go-to-market execution for each store with customer, purchase, location, and segmentation data.

The DS-IQ Platform™

With DS-IQ's advanced technology, our clients can compose context-aware initiatives from a rich inventory of components and services, shortening the time from planning to production - days not months

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