Enlighten your business systems with contextual intelligence.

Introducing Context-as-a-Service.

Many businesses and applications just want context-driven notifications, not an entire experience management system. They want to use context for innovative customer experiences, operational improvements or risk management. 

DS-IQ is developing a new offering -- Context Catalyst™ -- to supply context as a service. Every industry can produce better business results with hyperlocal relevancy and precise timing.

What if it were easy to harmonize and fuse 1st party and 3rd party data?
What if it were inexpensive to buy business-rule driven triggers that are useful to your industry?
What if there were simple, well-documented API’s through which contextual-intelligence could be delivered on demand?

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Context matters.

Context is an emerging imperative for every business that needs to aim for precisely timed experiences, campaigns, and promotions across geographic and virtual communities.

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