Spark shopper connections. Ignite sales.

The Connected Store application unlocks experiences that shoppers and retailers love.

Using the cloud and DS-IQ's proprietary platform, Connected Store delivers a contextually-intelligent omnichannel service to manage, message and measure the shopper experience. In-store, on-line, mobile, video, social, interactive kiosk.


Program your ideas. Connected Store provides data-driven scheduling and monitoring. Users can establish business rules, manage dynamic trigger and targeting activations, and easily program a range of use cases to win trips and grow baskets.


Anticipate needs. Connected Store utilizes context to target and trigger messages - proven to drive shopper experiences that boost sales.


Improve performance. Connected Store delivers best-in-class performance measurement and insights, enabling continuous improvement and accountability.

Processing millions of context-events per year.

Curated with Data Science. Activated for Retail.

Context is always relevant, and gives retailers a competitive edge, even when there is no 1:1 shopper history. And it complements personalization if shopper history is available. Context maximizes the special relationship between the store, the community, and digital touch points.

Today, Connected Store leverages many forms of context (like current weather, historical weather patterns by zip code, and store inventory data) to precisely target and time promotions on social media, in-store and ecommerce channels. Think cold snap and parkas -- just one of hundreds of retail scenarios Connected Store is engineered to power up.

School Start Date

5% store-level category sales lift


200% increased Facebook engagement

Cold & Flu

Shoppers notified 10 days ahead of outbreak

Day Part

$4 MM in same-store category sales

Of course, results will vary from retailer to retailer and campaign to campaign. DS-IQ's data science expertise and Connected Store's built-in measurement tools, working together, will produce the best results and most actionable insights for your initiatives.

The DS-IQ Platform

With DS-IQ’s advanced technology, our clients can compose context-aware initiatives from a rich inventory of components and services, shortening the time from planning to production - days not months.

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