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DS-IQ adds the power of dynamic context to deliver amazing physical/digital experiences. Messages anticipate. Feel relevant. Spark action.

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What is Context? Actionable Facts.

DS-IQ commercializes the use of contextual intelligence by making it possible for business processes to be hyperlocal and precisely timed. Not just once, but continuously, driven by events and data science.

Context happens all around us, in our communities and in our companies. It affects pricing. It affects promotion. It affects labor scheduling. Simple idea. Hard to implement. This is the problem we solve.

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Shopper Marketing

Imagine a shopper marketing solution that makes it easy to compose experiences that use context, and that dynamically readjusts and re-optimizes. With data science built in, not added on.


Fundamentally, context is industry agnostic. Learn about how context transforms good decisions into brilliant decisions.

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Driven by a Vision

DS-IQ was founded on the belief that context is essential for smart decisioning at scale. Equally relevant for physical and digital; for geographic and virtual communities; for sales and operations.


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